The value of videos

There are lots of reasons why a video would enhance a website and promote a business. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (Google is 1st) and has more than 4 billion views per day. It’s easy to share videos via many social media platforms or even links on an email or sms. But most importantly, it can convey information, features of a business or the culture of a business far better than text and photos. 

In a nutshell a good video will extend the reach of your audience, convey a powerful message and motivate more people to buy your goods and services.  

BUT a word of caution. A business video should be created with care. Effective videos take thinking, planning, creative design, a combination of opinions and quality execution. Unless you want to promote a very casual business don’t rush into it, getting a friend to just record a video on their phone of you talking about your business. There are lots of great video agencies out there and often with low costs and will help you through the process. It’s worth it. If you need help finding a good agency get in touch with us at