"But my website is fine"


We hear this sentence a lot in our line of work.  The biggest issue facing any business staying in business is to recognise the need for continual improvement.

Websites change a lot, and for good reason.  Technology changes, habits change, people change.

How we access the internet now is very different to how it was accessed 10 years ago.  Smarphones completely turned things upside down, not just in formatting and designing websites, but by linking websites with lots of other functions on a phone.  GPS, social media, payments, all are now core functions on most people's phones.

If your website hasn't been reviewed properly in the last couple of years, you can almost guarantee it's outdated in some way.

It's no surprise that successful businesses constantly review their website and refresh it frequently.  

At RMW we'll never be totally satisfied with our website.  It'll never be perfect, and even when it gets pretty close to perfection, we'll refresh it anyway to ensure there's no danger of it becoming outdated.

It's something we should all do.