About us

Who we are

We're a highly skilled, diverse and friendly bunch of people, who share a passion for helping others.  We're part of Ellipse Atlantic Ltd, a company of supportive digital experts, dedicated to helping people through a rapidly changing world.

Our values

We're committed to a set of core values that everyone involved in the company sticks closely to.  These values define who we employ, how we behave internally and how we treat customers.  

Our 8 core values are:

  1. Honesty - we'll always be compliant with the law, honest with each other, our clients and partners

  2. Transparency - we won't have any hidden charges or practices

  3. Simplicity - our business and communication will be easy to understand and jargon-free

  4. Fair pricing - we'll make modest profits, shared fairly amongst staff, and will never overcharge clients

  5. Ethical priorities - we'll deal with people who really need us

  6. Morality - we won't work with those who are of poor morals or engage in illegal activities

  7. Staff happiness - our staff will have all the tools, support and flexibility they need to succeed

  8. High quality - our work will always be of the highest standard - poor work won't be tolerated

About our services

The areas we cover

We're based in London, UK, but work with businesses anywhere in the world.  

  • our web rating service is available for English language websites anywhere in the world

  • our corporate services are available anywhere in the world; we'll work out the logistics with travel and translation

We're planning to have more physical branches across North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.


You can be confident that our services are honest, independent and unbiased, because:

  • we're not selling website software

  • we're not sponsored by (or affiliated to) any other companies

  • our purpose is to educate and empower business owners

In fact, most of our clients are given recommendations that cost nothing to implement.  


  1. We employ real experts, who provide services to well-known businesses. It takes an expert between 2-3 hours to thoroughly rate a typical website and produce a report that can transform your business. With the quality of work and the potential benefits, our services are fantastic value for money.

  2. The return on investment is usually very fast - if you get your website rated by us and implement our recommendations you're likely to attract a lot more new customers. We generally find that it only takes between 1-3 more customers to pay for our website rating service. For many businesses, the ROI is within 1 day of implementing the recommendations. Note that profitability is dependant on more than your website - see our terms and conditions.

Jobs and careers with us

We're very selective in choosing who works for us. It's essential that our staff fully share our values and have impressive skills relevant to analysing, evaluating and writing reports on website.

In return, we offer highly attractive packages for our staff:

  • generous pay

  • flexible working conditions

  • full support

  • great company culture

If you're interested, drop us an email with your CV and LinkedIn profile link to info@ratemywebsite.net. If we like your profile and feel you'll be a good fit, we'll send you an information pack.